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Crane Rated Flying Bins

As an innovator in the waste industry, project managers with special waste challenges often come to us for a solution. The crane rated flying bin is a product that has been used successfully in moving waste and materials around large construction sites where space and logistics are at a premium.

The crane rated flying bin is a proprietary design that allows unique bin placement services and solutions for crane rated applications. It is a self-dumping waste bin that can be deployed from an overhead crane and holds 5.5 yards of waste. Used in conjunction with one of our 30 or 40 yard waste bins placed on the outskirts of the site, the crane rated flying bin is the perfect solution for moving garbage, waste or even some of your supplies easily around a large construction site. Project managers have indicated a substantial savings in labour costs by having waste moved by the crane operator as opposed to pesonnel moving by hand around the site.