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EZ-Bag Contractor

The EZ-Bag Contractor Bag is a simple, affordable and longer term dumpster alternative for progressive construction and home builder contractors looking to better control their waste. The EZ-Bag is made of heavy reinforced material and comes with unique innovative features not found on any other bag in the industry:

Collapsible Legs

By making the upright collapsible, the frames drop away from the bag when it's full to make sure the bag doesn't stick to the side of the frame.

Reinforced Edges & Pockets

There is no learning curve with The Bin Company!  Our bags have been battle tested and the latest generation have a host of improvements over the competition.

Banner Window

A large, clear, weatherproof banner window let's our customers reinforce their brand to a very targeted audience.


That's right! Our bags have lids that cover the load. We know how important it is to control access to waste systems and, while a fabric lid isn't going to keep out everyone, it will discourage illegal dumping.

Frame Holders

The upright portion of the frame collapse to fit in a small carry case for easy inventory and deployment. The frame base folds in two and can be easily carried or hauled in the back of a half ton truck. 

For more information on our EZ-Bag Contractor bags and dumpsters for rental, call us at 780-440-2467 today!