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Roll-Off Bins

A Dumpster for Every Project

The Bin Company is Edmonton's waste disposal leader renting roll-off and dumpster containers for roofing and shingle replacment, property management, construction debris, home and deck renovation and snow removal. Our bins come in various sizes to suit your individual needs. When renting a bin, it is important to choose the correct size of bin for the job at hand. Take a look at our descriptions below to see what best suits your disposal needs. 

12 cubic yard bin (14' x 4.5’ x 5')

Our 12 yard bins are great for home and deck renovations. They are small enough to place on a driveway or in front of your house, but large enough to collect your renovation material. The 12 yard bin is about the same size as a gravel truck box. 

17 cubic yard bin (14’ x 6’ x 5.5’)

Our 17 yard garbage and waste bins are also a good alternative for home and deck renovations. Slightly larger, they can fit on a driveway and front of your house. 

22 cubic yard bin (14’ x 8’ x 5.5’)

Our 22 yard garbage and waste bin is a large bin and very popular choice for commercial construction and renovation clients. Some of these bins come with lockable lids to ensure your waste is controlled. Ask about getting these bins when calling our helpful agents. 

25 cubic yard bin (16' x 8’ x 5.5’)

Our 25 yard garbage and waste bins are also large bins and popular with larger commercial clients with space restrictions. 

30 cubic yard bin (17.5’ x 8’ x 6.25’)

Our 30 yard bins are our 2nd largest bin in our fleet and popular for new home construction, roofing contractors, demolition waste, restoration and disaster cleanup such as snow removal and general construction. We provide delivery and pickup services to areas in and around Edmonton. Call our helpful agents for more information. 


40 cubic yard bin (21' x 8' x 8')

The largest bin in our fleet is our 40 yard waste bin. This giant wast bin can service the most demanding commercial and industrial client requirements. Whether it is commercial construction or demolition waste and snow removal, our 40 yard disposal bins can hold most of what you can throw at it. Main applications are for commercial construction, restoration and emergency cleanup, large roofing jobs, large demolition jobs and parking lot snow removal. Delivery and pickup in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Call our agents for more information. 


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